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At Notion the land has healed

Notion-theatre-April-14It was raining much of last week but the week before was largely glorious and, on Monday, we returned to Notion with friends.  The trenches from digging that we saw back in January had healed over and we did see some salep orchids growing.  Probably there would have been more if they hadn’t been dug up.  There were huge quantities of wild thyme and oreganon and  a large variety of grasshoppers.

Later we went for lunch at Ozdere followed by a visit to Claros on the way home.  A great day out in good company and wonderful sunshine.


Knidos revisited

Knidos-theatreWe visited Knidos last year and posted about it here.  This year we went back, on the bike.  The road from Datça to Knidos is steep and twisty with lots of potholes.  The views from the pillion were, however, spectacular.

Knidos is beautifully situated.  We started our visit by purchasing a mouse mat in the official shop and eating a mixed toast each in the cafe.  We then strolled around the site, quite slowly, due to Hilary still limping a bit.  The flowers were amazing – everywhere and we saw grasshoppers and lizards.

Eski Doğanbey


On Sunday a friend phoned us and offered us a trip to Eski Doğanbey.  We’d heard a lot about this village and, a few years ago, we even almost walked there, but we’d never actually been.

We started off with a fish dinner in an excellent but top secret location then our friend drove us to the village.  Once a Greek Village, it was taken over by returning Turks at the time of the exchange of populations.  Most of these people (and their descendants) have moved to the towns, or into the new village and the houses (which need a great deal of maintenance) fell into disrepair.  Many of them have now been restored to an extraordinarily high standard and we were fortunate to be able to see inside some of them.  Lovely though they are, they are clearly designed for summer living and, off season the whole village was practically deserted.

We rounded our visit off with a visit to the Milli Park Information Centre where, after viewing the stuffed animals (sadly dusty as they are not in cases) we were shown a film about the history and wildlife of the area.

We now know the Turkish for long legged buzzard Kızıl Şahin (we see a great many of those but had not been able to give the Turkish name for them).   There were cultivated iris in many of the beautifully kept gardens but wild iris growing up through paving and gravel everywhere…

The Spring has Sprung

One last post from our walking up the mountain experience.  The flowers up there were different – more alpine.  And we did get some decent photos.

Meanwhile, it has rained every day in March so far.  But we’ve seen storks on the aqueduct.  Fortunately the first stork we saw this year was flying.  It’s a local superstition – if the first stork you see in the year is flying, then you will travel.  If it’s sitting I guess you’re in for a dose of cabin fever come summer.

Flowers in Notion – January

The flowers deserve a post to themselves:

Processing with the caterpillars


We have been very busy these past few days – most posts on this to follow.  But, today, we went walking as part of a group of 29 people.  And we saw a huge number of wildflowers.

processional-caterpillarsWe also saw these caterpillars…

We are fairly confident that they are pine processionary moth caterpillars.  And we finally found out what those strange nest-like things were that we kept seeing in the pine trees…

what-the-cocoons-areThey are the cocoons of those same processionary moths.  We were warned not to touch them – we know they can cause some very nasty reactions.

Apart from the months and the cocoons, we are becoming more and more interested in trying to identify the flowers we see on our walks.  There is a gallery below and we would appreciate any corrections and help with identifying the mystery species.

It was a lovely walk in so many ways.  We started out near Camlık and walked up through Sultanayi and down to Kuşadası, coming out near Pygale beach.  We had explored and tried to find that path on our own but, in winter, we ran out of daylight and had to turn back.  Today it was warm.  We both got slightly sunburned…