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Summer is Coming

Most evenings it is staying above 18C in the house without any heating, so we decided we no longer need the wood soba.  It if gets cooler (and there probably will be some cold nights) we have plenty of other heating options, but we can dispense with burning wood.  Today we cleaned the flue, a messy task, soot gets everywhere, and put the remaining wood away.  As a result of using a wood stove the walls need a wipe down and a lick of fresh paint, this will get done over the next week or so.

Whilst we were cleaning the flue and packing wood away our neighbours decided it was a good day to gather in their garden and cook outside, their first such event of the year. We therefore had to stop work late morning to eat gözleme and be social, and then mid-afternoon another enforced break for kısır and coffee, followed by reading of the coffee grounds.   Apparently we are going to come into lots of money, go travelling on a plane and a boat, attend a wedding and so on.  Odd that, we are going to a wedding on Saturday, and we are planning a trip to Greece in the summer which would cover the boat part.  It goes to show the coffee readings are never wrong!

The swallows have returned, more are arriving every day.  For the last few days there has been one on the wire outside our house.  It might be one of the pair from last year, they nested next door and raised several broods.  Today there was a pair, singing together, investigating the nest from last year.  It is good to hear them, good to see them, and good to know the rising number of flying insects is going to be hunted and eaten.


How do we know it is autumn?

Well, unlike Isparta, we don’t really have autumn colour.  Well, we do.  Right now it just looks like the leaves are all dried up.  I know the poplars will go golden sometime in November.  But it doesn’t really look like autumn colour here to me.

It is still warm.  Untıl recently high twenties in the day, but no longer 22 in the back house with the door open at 10 O’Clock in the evening.   We notice a distinct sharpness in the air in the mornings (oh, it drops all the way down well below 20!) and, after dark we do tend to close the door into the back house.  The moss roses are not opening till around noon (they like the sun) and the water is no longer scalding when we do the washing up after dinner.  Most noticeably, perhaps, it’s getting dark a lot earlier.  Before 19:00.  And we can see the Pleiades right above us if we walk home late at night.

Our neighbours have trimmed back all their trees and everywhere you look, people are getting supplies of wood laid in.  Celeriac, carrots, beetroot, radish and spinach are making their presence felt on the market.  The palamut are getting bigger (we couldn’t quite manage one between the two of us).  The barbunya are coming to an end.  The swallows have already gone and it’s been a while since we saw any martins.

Most noticeably, perhaps, it’s getting dark a lot earlier.  Before 19:00.  And we can see the Pleiades right above us if we walk home late at night.