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An unexpected excursion

Some time ago we arranged with our friend Osman who has a carpet shop to get a couple of our kilims repaired.  They took longer to be repaired than he or us expected, but last week we got one back and today the other was returned.  Both were beautifully restored.

Today we took the recently mended kilim and three others to be washed.  It all happened rather impromptu, we were chatting to Osman and he suggested we went to see the kilim cleaners based on the Kirazlı road out of Kuşadası.  We were driven there (for the price of the petrol) by  Mehmet, a friend of our friend, chatting along the way in a mixture of English and Turkish.  After agreeing a very reasonable price and a potential finish day of Monday or Tuesday of next week, we left the kilims with the cleaners.  We are regarding this date as highly flexible, they will get washed, they will get returned, it might take a few days, and it might take a week or two.  There really is no hurry.

We returned via Kirazlı, the road up to the village from Kuşadası is in very bad condition, presumably due to winter, with a lot of repair work going on.  At one point there was a sign saying the road was closed, there was however a dolmuş from Aydin coming the other way, and we continued through the closed signs with no difficulty.  The scenery was stunning in places and we managed to get in a stop to take some photos.   We didn’t manage to get in a stop for tea as Mehmet’s favoured tea places all looked very closed as we drove past.

It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon – a completely unexpected adventure.