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Hilary is a Window – an experiment with obtaining HGS

Here in Turkey there are two motorway and bridge toll systems.  OGS which works off number plate recognition and KGS which works by pressing a card to a reader, a bit like Oyster cards in London.   You do not need to stop at a toll booth with OGS, with KGS you do.  We have been using a KGS card because the OGS system does not work with motorcycles, bikes do not have a number plate on the front.  KGS is being phased out because it slows traffic flow too much, is ending in January, and a new system is being introduced to replace it.  The new system, HGS works by bar code recognition.  The idea is to place a sticker with a bar code on the vehicle, usually the windscreen, which can then be read by a sensor as traffic speeds through the toll booth.

We went to the PTT (Post Office) to inquire about HGS and how it might work with a motorcycle.  We were told to mount the sticker on a windscreen.  We explained the problem, motorcycles do not normally have windscreens (ours can have but we did not want to complicate matters).  Various options were discussed, mounting the sticker on the headlamp or some other forward facing surface seemed a start until we asked about what happens in the rain.  Mounting on the crash helmet, this might help enforce helmet laws, but has the same problem, a lightly plasticised sticker is going to fall apart in the rain.

The solution, stick it to a piece of plastic card which can be taken out of a pocket when approaching the toll and held forward for the scanner to read.  Mostly when using the motorway Hilary is on pillion, so she can look after the sticker and pretend to be a windscreen.

Happy with the solution we completed the necessary paperwork, two short forms, paid 35 Lira which breaks down as 5 Lira for the sticker and registration, and 30 Lira of credit.

 What you need:-
Photocopy of vehicle registration papers.
Actual registration papers
Ikamet or Passport.
And ideally a windscreen.