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Things we almost didn’t mention



I’m not sure that we have photos of any of this but….

Early on in the spring or summer we took the bike to Pamucak beach and parked it up whilst we went for a walk.  Whilst we were walking ‘something’ happened to the bike.  We didn’t notice till we were a way down the road but, one way or another it had been knocked over and the end of one of the handgrips had come off.  We rode back to the carpark and, after some digging around, managed to retrieve it.  For a while we hoped it might be repairable but it had just sheared off through the metal.  The price of those grips in Turkey does not bear thinking about.  They’re quite expensive in the UK (and we weren’t due to go to the UK for quite some time).  Fortunately they are far cheaper in America and we were expecting a visit from some friends in March.  Parts were duly ordered, delivered to our friend and put in his suitcase so he wouldn’t forget them (thank you Wes).

Then Hilary got bitten by a spider.  Hardly noticed it at first, then enough pain to prevent sleep.  She let it go for a few days, at which point her leg swolled up most horribly and red lines developed, necessitating a trip to the local hospital and two courses of antibiotics, along with some magic water to apply to the bite and instructions to keep the leg elevated.  It soon started to improve and the two courses of antibiotics cured the problem.

Meanwhile, one morning when Ashley was watering our garden, our neighbour called us in to witness his carpets floating on at least 18 inches of our watering water.  It had seeped through from our tiny square garden into the lower part of his house.  We promised to fill that bit of garden in at the soonest opportunity.  Sadly this meant uprooting the bougainvillea which had grown up to cover our roof.  Ashley dug stuff up and, in the course of so doing, decided to use his rib as a lever.  And yes, it did break.  This made the rest of the work harder than it should have been not to mention more painful.

So, in between trips to Greece, we had a great week with our friends from America, got the part fitted, destroyed our tiny square of garden and paved it over with tiling.  It looked very sad at first but we’ve got some pots on there now and we intend to buy a lemon tree in spring, so it is filling up quite nicely.

Oh, and did I mention that Ashley built us a permanent barbecue on the roof?

He made an excellent job of it and has cooked some excellent meals on it.

With all this work, it’s hardly any wonder that if he’s not got tennis elbow, he’s got something pretty similar.  But it’s not slowed him down at all.

Hilary, meanwhile, has been working on costume for Conscience, a larp based on Westworld we shall be attending at the end of January.  This has included a full set of victorian ladies underwear, including a corset.  She’s still working on designing a hat!

How does our garden grow

We are still working and experimenting on what to grow in pots and our limited garden space.  Obviously this has to be plants that can cope with the heat of summer and potentially a small amount of frost in winter.

One of the old vines died last summer, we tried to bring it back to health but the drought it endured before we moved here had damaged it and when Hilary grabbed at it when falling down the stairs she finished it off.  The other vine survived and is doing better this summer due to being watered regularly.  We have a new vine growing; it is small right now, but in a couple of years should start to fill the space.

We have put a selection of drought hardy plants in one bed, the bed that gets a lot of direct sunlight.  This bed should never need a lot of work.  Cacti and succulents do very well here – we have some on the roof and elsewhere.  They cope with the heat and are frost hardy.  Many flowered earlier in the year.

We tried growing coriander (we wanted leaf) and, as expected, it bolted straight to seed.  We have collected the seeds and sown them in a very shady place.  Maybe this time around we will have better success.  We have tried growing some jalapeno chillies; they are not liking the heat and blazing sun much and are dropping their flowers.  We have a locally bought hot chilli plant that is doing very well and producing some excellent fruits.  Remaining on food plants we have a bay tree, thyme, sage, rosemary and oregano all doing well, and basil doing ok but needing a lot of water.  This is small leaved basil – it’s grown here as it is believed to keep flies away, but it tastes perfectly good in tomato salad.

Flower wise, geraniums are ideally suited to the climate and, provided it gets enough water, the bougainvillaea seems perfectly happy.  We have found a few other flowering plants that do well, things we spotted growing in municipal gardens and subsequently found on market stalls though we can’t put names to them all.  Currently the jasmine which we inherited with the house is fantastic; the scent is wonderful and especially strong in the morning and evening.   There seem to be two kinds of it.

We have some kind of morning glory in a small hanging pot which looks great but we fear that will die as soon as we go away for a few days, unless we put it in a bucket.  Back in the UK we had an automatic watering system which, when there was no hose ban, kept our plants alive whilst we were on holiday.  Here we have neighbours.