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Happy New Year (and some new directions)

This year we have learned that a couple of the Blogs we follow here in Turkey are finishing. To be honest we had thought of the same, but, we think 2016 is going to be an interesting year.

Some of the plans we had when we moved to Turkey included the east, maybe even Syria. Obviously those things are out of the question right now. We might go as far east as Cappadocia, but probably no further. We may spend more time in Greece, well actually we will be spending some time in Greece. Plans are afoot.

We also need to write up some of our travels from last year. Expect some of these over the coming weeks since right now the weather is not good for travel. We can catch up on the neglected posts.

So, a good part of the blog will be about us and travel, life in the Aegean. Life in Turkey. Nature, wildlife, and the rest.

We will be doing some other things on the blog as well.

There will be some more political commentary; we’ll be applying the Amnesty principle so are not likely to comment a great deal on the political situation in Turkey, or at least not in a critical way. We are guests here; we intend to act as such. So maybe about the UK, or the EU, or the Middle East.

There may be more about motorcycles.

There may be other things as well.

2016 is going to be an interesting year with some new things for us. So, we will continue blogging and sharing some of the things we get up to.

The addictive blog award

Claudia, author of the very wonderful blog, A Seasonal Cook in Turkey very kindly passed this blog award to us.  And really, if you have any interest in cooking, markets or wonderful food photography, you should look at her blog.  We can verify that the recipes work (though our attempts rarely look as gorgeous as hers).

As such it is incumbent upon us to write an acceptance speech entry explaining why we started blogging and why we continue to do so.  This might be quite a long story…

Hilary has been blogging for more than ten years in one form or another.  It started with Live Journal.  She started that as a way of keeping up with the news and gossip amongst a group of friends living around the world.  And that evolved into an occasional journal which has now been taken private.  She finds it very useful to be able to look up what she was doing one year ago, two years ago etc.  Back in 2010 she undertook a ‘photo a day’ project – mainly in an attempt to actually look at the things she was seeing every day.  That has been repeated this year on her Year and a Day blog and she is wondering where to take that next year.  That will almost certainly go to a Nature Diary of some sort with an emphasis on observation.  A bit like the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady only more urban and less Edwardian.

Oh we also started a travel blog when we first tried to ride the Harley to Turkey.  We failed the first time (ended up bombing around in Greece) but made it the next year (we allowed more time and had better weather).  Quite a few of our trips were documented on there…

This blog was started by the two of us as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family and also as a way of connecting to new people in our new home here in Selçuk.  We are very happy with the blogging community here and are proud to have become a part of it.

It’s probably quite clear from the above that Hilary is a long time blogging ‘addict’.  She’s been addicted to writing for as long as she can remember and this is just a new form…

Now, to recommend some blogs you may not have seen – I hope this doesn’t feel too much like one of those chain letters.  It’s also very hard to pick and choose.  We follow a number of very well- known blogs that are not included – trying to give people less usual experiences!  Do take a look at the links on the right hand side of our page – there is lots of good reading there.

Saga Lite – A blog by a friend and Hilary’s ex-colleague Karin about her experiences in Sweden.  They have snow there and very cold weather, apparently.  And, apparently, some people like that.

Archers of Okcular – by a man with at least 16 times our experience of this wonderful country.  Always informative, often amusing.

Biology Curator – by a friend of ours, Gina Allnatt – this blog is what it says on the tin.  Absolutely fascinating stuff.

Give Recipe –  is a lovely Turkish food blog with a lot of Turkish food-wisdom along the way

Ayak’s Turkish Delight  – a wonderful piece of highly personal and very good-humoured blogging


Betwixt and Between

We’re feeling a bit betwixt and between at the moment which is making it hard to come up with ideas for blog posts.  We have several things which are currently half way through.  We are still, for instance, waiting to complete the process of getting Ashley’s Turkish driving licence.  We should probably go to the Polis and chase that up, but other things keep getting in the way.  Ashley may write up his dental work, when that is finished, and we will definitely write up a blow by blow account of how we applied for our Universal Health Insurance once we have established that we are correctly on the system as a married couple.

We also have a couple of home improvement plans which we need to move forward with.  Turning the basement into a garage / workshop is priority, we don’t want to be leaving the bike out in winter.  Then there is a very much needed extractor hood for the kitchen, and maybe an extractor fan for the bathroom, both of which should help a great deal with condensation on the walls in winter.

Social life is taking off again now that the weather is a little cooler.  We met some friends for drinks at a café yesterday evening.  We’ve managed to double-book ourselves for Saturday and, early next week, we expect a visit from a friend from Ireland.

We got an electricity bill today, a month ago we bought the portable air conditioning unit.  We have used this sparingly but as needed, mostly to help us sleep.  The bill shows in an increase in night time electricity use, but not one we need to worry about.  September is coming, the temperatures will start to drop and already the night time is noticeably cooler.  No matter how hot it gets and how much electricity we use trying to stay cool it is never going to be as expensive as the winter months as our graph for the year shows.

A Bevvy of Bloggers in Bodrum

We met up with some fellow bloggers in a bar in Bodrum.

We passed a very pleasant afternoon chatting.

Our first century

This is our 100th blog post here on Pul Biber.

We have had a busy day after getting up late.  We have been preparing for summer, painting furniture on the roof terrace and sorting bits of garden.  Ashley has various wounds from moving plants, cuts from sharp leaves and thorns.  This evening our new gate was fitted this involved a fair amount of banging, welding and cutting of metal by moonlight.  None of which is really very exciting.

Thinking back over the 100 posts on Pul Biber, they have been our story of our move here.

We don’t have a specific theme or direction for the blog.  We’re not experts on Turkey, or, in fact, on any of the things we’ve posted about.  We started the blog as a way to keep in touch with friends and family and, hopefully, as a way of meeting new people.  As such, we think it’s been reasonably successful and, whilst we don’t get huge numbers of hits, we’re not playing this as a numbers  game.

It is also our story, and as much as some of our not particularly interesting to anyone else entries may not be particularly interesting…..  It serves as a reference for us.

In a sense, as we settle in, our day to day experiences have started to feel less like a whole new adventure.  This sometimes leaves us struggling for subject matter.  As time passes, as we settle in (and we’ve only been out here just over six months, we know we have a great deal to learn), the blog may well take a different direction – once we work out what that is.

At times there will be entries about new and exciting things, but life is not always about the new and exciting.  A friend of ours is posting photographs of everyday things, we think some of our day to day is worth recording here.

The Versatile Blogger Award – our acceptance post

We are honoured to accept the Versatile Blogger award.  We are proud to have been nominated by Jack Scott of Perking the Pansies fame.  A blog to be highly recommended.

The award comes with strings.  Recipients must formally accept the award with a post featuring the award’s image, reveal seven quirky things about themselves and pass the baton onto 5-15 other bloggers to do the same.

Our acceptance of the award was rather delayed by our recent trip to the UK and Ireland and by our difficulty in coming up with seven quirky factoids…  The term ‘quirky’ was not adequately defined

  1. We approached the problem by trying to think what quirks we would have if we were characters in a role playing game
  2. We tried to ride to Turkey from the UK on the Harley twice and made it the second time (the first time we were plagued by rain and then got distracted by Delphi).
  3. We never have milk in the house because it always goes off before it gets used
  4. In Turkey we miss couscous but we don’t miss bacon
  5. Our TV was broken for over a year before we noticed
  6. Hilary is so ambidextrous that she is incapable of distinguishing her right from her left
  7. We used to fly out to the USA from the UK for long weekends of Live Action Role Playing

Perking the Pansies already tagged some of the excellent Blogs we follow but we pass the baton on to: