About Us

We are Ashley Perryman and Hilary Sklar.  We’re married but have kept our own names.

We took the decision some years ago to retire to Turkey.  We didn’t really expect the day to creep up on us so fast.  We prepared., in some ways maybe roman-fortwe over prepared.  Hilary spent many years attempting to learn the language – initially with limited success.  We spent many happy holidays travelling around Turkey looking for the place we wanted to settle.

We both worked in the NHS for many years with all the stresses that brings.  Our pensions are far from gold plated, but we get by.  We sold the flat we lived in for 13 years, we got rid of nearly all our possessions.   We had a few bits in storage in Big Yellow and brought them over when we were more settled.

We did have two motorcycles – Ashley rides, Hilary sits on the pillion.  We rode over to Turkey for our honeymoon and spent two weeks riding around the country.  Ashley sold the Yamaha which he was using for work before we left the UK and put the Harley is in storage.  The Harley is now sold and we bought one here.


Old Bike


New Bike

We enjoy cooking, shopping in the market, board games, writing and walking.  We like nature – watching flora and fauna as the seasons change – and doing a bit of star gazing.  We are keen amateur archaeologists and enjoy rooting through ruins.

It has been a massive change.  From London, work, commuting, living in the fast lane.  To being retired in Selçuk, having more time for the things we enjoy.  Sometimes we wonder how we ever found time for fun in life when we were working.

21 responses to “About Us

  1. Found it- hope the flight out is okay but looking forward to the next installments

  2. Michelle Youens

    Hi Hilary, Imperial did not let us access your blog ‘computer said no!!’ so I have emailed to my home address, we really miss you at work!! it is interesting to see how you are doing! Michellexx

    • Good to hear from you. I think the Imperial Net Nanny bans all social networking. I do miss all of you but I don’t miss work at all. We have, I think, kept very busy up till now.

  3. Looking forward to hearing all about it – love the name of the blog, it’s certainly that way in our home!

  4. Thank you. We are now three weeks into our journey. Enjoying every minute!

  5. Hi. Just thought I’d pop over here and say thankyou for visiting my blog. And now it’s my turn to have a read of yours.

    Best wishes
    Ayak at http://ayak-turkishdelight.blogspot.com/

  6. Hi Ashley and Hilary,

    Just wanted to say thanks very much for putting me on your blogroll!!!


  7. You are very welcome. We are enjoying reading your blog.

  8. Okay, the penny has just dropped! We know who you are, now. 🙂 We’re a bit slow with these things, sorry. Glad we’ve found your blog now. Just bookmarked it for future reading.
    Julia and Barry

  9. Happy to ‘meet’ you! I read your post about a typical Turkish wedding in your neighborhood and loved it! It’s great to read about an ordinary wedding from a non Turkish couple’s words. Hope you will be happy in Turkey! And thank you for putting my blog in your list! Will absolutely visit your blog often!

  10. Hi,

    How can I contact you? I am a journalist writing about Turkey and especially expats in Turkey – I was wondering if I could ask you some questions for an interview for my website?

  11. Love the name of your blog! I just wrote an article about how Pul Biber is my new Turkish Delight. It makes a great souvenir, and it’s one that I keep getting requests for.

  12. Love the blog. Can I contact you with questions regarding how to obtain residency permission?

    • You are welcome to contact us but, please remember, we are not experts. The rules round residency are changing all the time and, of course, it all depends where you come from and where you’re currently living. All we can really do is share our own experience.

  13. Hello 🙂 I found your blog while looking for info about getting residence permit in izmir. I would like to get in touch with you to ask a couple of questions if you don’t mind. Please get in touch with me if you don’t mind: nancy.gabb@gmail.com


    • Happy to answer any questions but, as we’ve said, the rules change all the time and we are not experts. We understand that some fairly massive changes will be taking effect in April 2014. All we can do is share our own experience.

  14. Ashley & Hilary–GREAT blog!
    I’m a bit jealous of you living in Selçuk. It was one of my favorite places in Turkey, and I batted zero when I went to see the camel wrestling. It rained.
    I’m publishing a memoir of my years teaching in Turkey and would appreciate it if you’d help me promote the book. I’d be happy to write a guest blog, send you an information sheet, or just have you post a graphic of the book with a short description. Anything you can manage would be wonderful. I’ve published two books, one a children’s historical novel and the second a guidebook I wrote with a Turkish friend, ISTANBUL’S BAZAAR QUARTER, BACKSTREET WALKING TOURS. It’s in its third printing.
    My new book is YOU MUST ONLY TO LOVE THEM, LESSONS LEARNED IN TURKEY, and it’s available on Amazon. You can check it out before responding to me:


    Many Thanks!
    Ann Marie Mershon

  15. Dear Pulbier You are very welcome. We are enjoying reading your blog.

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