Pamucak Wetlands

Pamucak Mar 1610On Sunday we went walking in Pamucak wetlands.  This is about 20 minutes by Dolmuş from Selçuk and a place of stunning natural beauty.  It seems to be constantly under threat from industrial waste, development and tourism but, for the moment, it remains protected.  Jeep ‘safaris’ and quad bikes run through it as well as horse back tours.  None of those happening at the moment, though we did see a couple of guys working out quad bike routes.

We were fortunate to see three adult and two sub adult flamingos.  They pass here (stopping off for lunch) on their migration to places further north.

The asphodel is flowering right now – well, beginning to flower in our area.  We saw black bees gathering the pollen.  And butterflies.  We saw quite a few butterflies and two large tortoises, quite awake.  We heard a lot of frogs.  We saw buzzards and larks (lots of larks) and sparrows, goldfinches and masses of magpies.  Not to mention the Kentish plovers.


Today we saw storks flying high and several swallows.  So spring is definitely in swing here in Selçuk.

7 responses to “Pamucak Wetlands

  1. how many times have I said to J that we must find time to stop off when journeying that way? So many things/places to do and see.

    • Early March is the time to see the flamingos. It is also when the water levels are high so it can be hard to get close. There is a beauty about wetlands in flood, and of course the risk of getting very wet and muddy. I will let Hilary tell the tale of the swamp monster.

  2. I remember you writing about this before and I still have been up to visit.

    • It was two years ago I think. There were three flamingos, one was injured and could not fly. The other two kept trying to encourage it. Nature can be harsh like that.

      On a more positive note, the river was a lot cleaner than last year, did not stink of dead things and chemicals. Hopefully it will remain so as the water levels drop.

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