Daily Archives: January 24, 2016

Our First Trip to Samos


In early August we took a trip to the UK to visit friends and family.  Then, at the end of the month, we decided to take a trip to Samos.  That’s really easy from here.  A half hour on the dolmuş to Kuşadası then a stroll to the ferry.  Very straightforward.  The ferry out was very crowded with locals taking a weekend break.

Samos08Our ferry docked in Pythagorio where we got some breakfast and hired a quad bike.  We rode the quad bike to Kokkara and started to look for our hotel.  It was not very easy to find.  And, whilst we were trying to find it, the quad bike stopped and refused to be restarted.  We found the hotel on foot and the proprietor allowed us to use his phone to contact the hire shop.  They sent out a mechanic who swiftly gave us a remedial lesson in how to start the quad…

Our hotel was lovely with a glorious garden, interesting plants and a very welcoming family.

We spent the next couple of days buzzing round the island on the bike.  Everywhere we stopped there were spectacular views and all the food was delicious!

We found a congenial bar in Kokkari itself – we went there for breakfast every day Samos01and, in the early evenings, we were able to dive straight into the water and climb out again for a cold beer and snack.  Kokkari is quite touristy – lively but not noisy.  It’s a pretty little town with plenty of bars, restaurants and shops selling the sorts of things that tourists like to buy.

But, for us, maybe the best of all was the Hera temple at Pythagario.  It is a truly stunning site and quite huge.  We particularly liked the monumental feet!

A lot of people just go to Samos for the shopping – there are items you can buy there that you can’t get in Turkey (pork products) and alcohol is a lot cheaper, but we didn’t bother too much with that (well, we did not neglect to use our duty free allowance).  We got on the quad and explored.  This blog is called our first trip to Samos because we fully intend to go again!