Daily Archives: January 18, 2016

Catching up -Ekincik


We’ve been on several trips and took a lot of photographs.  Just, for one reason or another we have been very remiss about blogging.  We did write about our trip to Skala Sikamenia back in June…  In July we went to Ekincik.

That was one amazing place – we spent three days on the beach and didn’t take a lot of photographs.  Really, it is a place to go to relax and do nothing.  So we relaxed and did nothing.

The beach has a few restaurants and a few hotels.  There’s a load of concrete where it looks like they were starting to build some more hotels or villas then stopped.  There’s a campsite and, at weekends, the place fills up and gets a bit noisy.  During the week, though, it was wonderfully quiet.

We stayed in a family Pansyon about half a mile from the beach.  The walk to the beach was pretty and the pansyon has an arrangement with one of the beach bar/restaurants that allows hotel guests to use sun loungers and parasols for free.  We took advantage of this.

The family were friendly and the food….  Well, at some point during the day we’d be asked whether we wanted chicken, fish or kofte.  In the evening a mangal would be lit and the chicken/fish/kofte would be grilled.  Meanwhile five huge plates of mezzes would be brought to each table.  The grills were….. grilled.  The fish was the best.  But the mezzes were outstanding.

So, where is Ekincik?  Maybe we shouldn’t say….  It’s on the same peninsula as Kaunos.  You take the road from Köyceğiz towards Kaunos and just keep on going.  Eventually you see a signpost and drop down to Ekincik.


On the way back home we stopped for tea in Cine where we saw this little lizard.  We have seen them many times, in Antalya and around that area, but this is the furthest North we have seen them venture.