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Lesvos 2015 – Skala Sikaminia

Lesvos 201501

For Hilary’s birthday we decided to visit Lesvos again.  This was not a mistake.  It is an easy three hour ride to Ayvalik where Hilary discovered that her watch had stopped.  Ashley sat in the customs house cafe and drank tea whilst Hilary walked into town and found a place to fit a new watch battery.

Very little hassle getting the bike through customs and onto the ferry and a very pleasant 90 minutes cruise to Mytilene.  We stayed in Nikos Motel again.  He is very hospitable and the place is excellent value, convenient but far enough from the Centre to be very quiet.

Not that it was quiet anywhere on the Island the Friday before the Referendum.  We dined on the harbour side to the sounds of a political rally.  The rally was very much Oxi, as were most of the electioneering loud speakers mounted on cars cruising up and down…

After breakfast next morning we headed to Skala Sikaminia which is a tiny fishing village with two hotels.  Our hotel was lovely and whilst the room became hot in the early mornings, the smell of bread from the baker below made up for the discomfort.  Maria, who runs the rooms, noticed from Hilary’s passport that it was her birthday on Monday and left a lovely present hanging from the doorknob!

The first night we were there we got swept up in a huge Christening party which was taking place in the restaurant along with some live music.