The Birds

We may publish flocks of corvids sitting on buildings, in trees, on wall, watching humans and muttering nevermore…..  But we can do most of that here at home in Selcuk with the vast flock of jackdaws.  Oh and a shower scene, or am I getting fiction and film mixed up?

Poe and Hitchcock aside……

We will say more on Kerkini soon, but for now, the bird photos.

4 responses to “The Birds

  1. . . the new camera is working well.

    • Yeah, it is not a bad piece of kit. We thought hard on it, because whatever we got needed to be reasonably compact, easy to sling in a bag on the bike, and with a good zoom. The compact ruled out SLR’s because we really do not have space on the bike to pack lenses and the rest. We opted for a Canon Powershot SX50-HS, it is a compromise compared to what an SLR could do, but seems to do a more than adequate job.

    • Almost all were taken sat in a boat, so from a moving platform and visible to the birds. A few were taken on foot. None of the Kerkini photos involved a hide.

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