Kamiros, wildlife and a castle

Camiros and Kritinia04

Sunday was not so warm.  We still had the Quad Bike and were determined to visit the city of Kamiros.  Hilary had been here before – about 25 years ago.  Somewhere, on paper, is a picture of her next to a sign that just says ‘Ancient Kamiros’.  We headed straight there and. true to form, it wasn’t very crowded.  A few tourists did arrive later but we were there first!

The site is impressive with some excellent examples of residential ruins.  It’s very interesting to us to see how sites in Greece are presented differently from sites in Turkey.  We also enjoyed the wildlife – flowers,birds and lizards.

We rode further down the coast to Kastelos where we explored Kritina castle and some spectacular views.  Then up into the interior where we started to look for somewhere to have lunch.  We ended up back in Psinthos as none of the other villages looked as attractive from a taverna point of view.  We had an excellent lunch then, as it was getting late and a bit chilly we returned to Rhodes town and gave up the Quad Bike.  And we saw an amazing thing – a kingfisher, on the rocks in the very busy harbour, skimming over the sea towards the cruise ships.

We were rather pleased with ourselves as we had tickets on the early morning ferry to Kos, which would have got us there in time to catch the afternoon ferry back to Bodrum.  We planned on an overnight stop in Bodrum, then a morning bus home.

Which was not to be.  The weather turned nasty overnight and the morning ferry was cancelled.  We managed to book ourselves onto a larger ferry for the afternoon.  We got to Kos and the harbour was awash with sea water.  Also, as expected, the afternoon ferry had long gone…

So we ended up overnighting on Kos, heading for Bodrum in the afternoon and spending a final night in a favourite hotel in Bodrum before, finally heading for home.






2 responses to “Kamiros, wildlife and a castle

  1. Neither of us having much luck with ferries recently.

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