Ticket to Rhodes

Rhodes day 107 After the foul weather in late March and having spent several days waiting in for granite fitting men who never came, last week we decided we needed a few days away.  On the Wednesday we bought bus tickets.  On Thursday we got to Marmaris where we spent a pleasant night in an empty hotel.  We found a bar with a very chatty and interesting barman and a locanta occupied entirely by locals which served excellent food.  Next day we were on the ferry.  And yes, everyone asked us if we were taking the bike but we didn’t.  It takes a couple of days to get the green card that is needed to take the bike out of the country and hiring the quad bike whilst we were away was cheaper than the extra ferry fare…

We arrived in Rhodes in the late morning and dropped off our luggage in our absolutely wonderful hotel.  If you are in Rhodes town you should consider stayingMedieval Rose03 in the Medieval Rose Hotel.  It’s a very old house right inside the old City but away from the noisier parts.  The owners are charming, helpful and very interesting people.  The wifi has a bit of a problem penetrating the ancient stone walls, but we managed fine in our room.  We were the first guests of the season and the place was still being cleaned so we took ourselves off to drink our first frappe whilst our room was made perfect for us.

More about our stay on Rhodes will follow.  Meanwhile here are some pictures taken from the ferry.  You can tell which ones are ‘leaving Marmaris’ because of the mountain behind the shore…




4 responses to “Ticket to Rhodes

  1. . . the Medieval Rose is duly noted 🙂

  2. Between us, we have a pretty good travel guide. I love the old town and wouldn’t want to stay in one of the new hotel.

    • Last time we stayed in Rhodes we were pretty well ‘in transit’. We stayed at a hotel near the ferry port which was also very pleasant, but not so much of a personal touch.

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