Waterproofing the Roofing


January was wet.  Very wet.  There is a flat roof over the bathroom in our back house (our summer house) and it was just bare concrete.  Concrete absorbs water and the concrete absorbed the rain to the extent that the paint started coming off the outside of the house and also off the inside of the bathroom ceiling.

flatroofCNot a pretty sight and potentially quite damaging.

Ashley and Zeki did some research, talked to the guys in the building supply shop and came up with a solution.

The roof has been covered in roofing felt and bitumen.  The walls have been re-plastered and re-painted.  This was two days of solid work (plus another day of painting for Ashley afterwards).  We seem to have got a good result.  February was also wet and we had no leaks.  But, what impressed me most was that they took down the satellite dishes then managed (in the dark) to replace them in such good alignment that Ashley was able to watch the UK premier league football on our TV.  (Picture below is before the roof upgrade)


8 responses to “Waterproofing the Roofing

  1. . . you can’t beat a good usta – or DIY!

  2. Im impressed you turned a flat roof into a sloping one. I wish we could do this to all of ours.

    • Ashley says it always had a slight slope. January just managed to soak the concrete. They also managed to block up the hole where the cats got in (and ran up and down over our heads whilst we tried to sleep).

  3. Your new roof looks great. I remember the joys of flat roofs. In my parents’ B&B we had strategically placed vases of flowers to catch the worst drips. It was a happy day when the flat roof disappeared beneath a sloping one!

  4. Our flat roof has been leaking since we moved here 7 years ago and various treatments have worked up to a point because we just haven’t been abe to afford to to it properly. The excessive rain this winter has taken it’s toll…,it definitely needs sorting before next winter. Good job Ashley.

    • Whatever they did seems to have done the trick! We have some of the bitumen roll left if you want to collect it! The man in the shop said it should be heated with a blowtorch but Ashley and Zeki reckon that summer will heat it sufficiently

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