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Iassos Walk

Iassos walkC

Whilst Ashley is up to date with the blog, Hilary is still playing catch up.  This was a walk we did with Zirve Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club on 1st March.  It was a full day out with many different activities.  The weather was fine (except for one brief shower of rain) and we had a great time.

Iassos walkPOur first stop was for breakfast in one of our favourite pit stops.  A rather unprepossessing looking truck stop at the Heraklion end of Lake Bafa.  It’s not posh, but we think they do some of the best gözleme on the planet.  We both had the otlu peynirli version.  Crisply, delicious and it came with a salad.  We also drank a lot of çay.

Our second stop was the incredibly spectacular ancient site at Euremos.  We’ve known it was there for some time.  We have ridden past it regularly on our way to Bodrum and beyond.  We had not, however, realised just how amazing it is.  This is, we think, just about the most intact temple we have ever seen.  It is not a restoration.  And the theatre…..  Not everyone walked up to the theatre (not really very far) as they were busy taking photos around the temple.  The theatre is hellenistic.  Hilary’s favourite sort of theatre.  It was hard to drag her away from it…

Next stop was ‘the walk’.  Only about 10 Km and, really, not difficult.  There was a stop at some point and kokoreç was cooked and eaten.  Wild flower were seen.

We wound up at Iassos.  Where, after some wandering around, we settled down in a restaurant to drink beer and eat.

Iassos walkR

Gone Fishing

After what has been a cold March, cold in the UK, then cold here, the weather is finally warming up.  The storks have arrived, the first of the swallows have arrived, but as the say, one Swallow does not make spring.

So, on the first warm and sunny day, we decided to take a stroll around some of the local archaeological sites.  Ephesus on a Sunday is never going to be empty, but it is nice to stroll through, laugh at some of the tours and, well we have Muze Kart so it costs nothing.

The Artemis Temple is now as deeply flooded as it ever gets.  There are a few guys selling post cards, guide books, and dodgy coins.  Mostly it is a quiet place, the tours rarely stop and those which do move on pretty quickly.  So we were left with the geese, the turtles, frogs, a snake, storks, and a visiting heron.

Confirmed by a friend and others as a Night Heron, this one clearly did not know is was early afternoon.


Walking to Meryem Ana


The day after our roof was finished we went walking with Zirve.  There are many ways to walk from the Kuşadası road up to Meryemana.  Some of them are easy.  This one wasn’t.  We were aching for days afterwards.

It was, however, a very good walk in perfect weather.  We cooked and ate suçuk but we didn’t actually get as far as Meryemana.  This walk was done on 25th January and we saw some early wildflowers.

Waterproofing the Roofing


January was wet.  Very wet.  There is a flat roof over the bathroom in our back house (our summer house) and it was just bare concrete.  Concrete absorbs water and the concrete absorbed the rain to the extent that the paint started coming off the outside of the house and also off the inside of the bathroom ceiling.

flatroofCNot a pretty sight and potentially quite damaging.

Ashley and Zeki did some research, talked to the guys in the building supply shop and came up with a solution.

The roof has been covered in roofing felt and bitumen.  The walls have been re-plastered and re-painted.  This was two days of solid work (plus another day of painting for Ashley afterwards).  We seem to have got a good result.  February was also wet and we had no leaks.  But, what impressed me most was that they took down the satellite dishes then managed (in the dark) to replace them in such good alignment that Ashley was able to watch the UK premier league football on our TV.  (Picture below is before the roof upgrade)


After a long gap…

Camels2015R That would definitely be my picture of the month for January!

I am really not sure why we have gone so quiet.  February seemed to disappear down the back of the sofa.  We didn’t do much except try to get out to the shops between showers of rain.  I guess it’s winter.  We did mean to get away this year but an unexpected trip to London in December meant that, by the time we got round to looking at possibilities, everything was either rainy or too expensive.

We have just got back from a more scheduled trip to see family in the UK and friends in Ireland.  But, whilst we work out what to do with the blog and process more photographs, here are some of the camel wrestling in Selçuk back on the third Sunday of January.  It was a glorious sunny day – quite warm – and the crowds were out and cooking, eating, drinking, playing music and dancing on the tables.  The photos, sadly, lack the sounds and smells which are very much a part of the experience.  We hope they convey some of the atmosphere.