Ephesus Museum

museum-marble-aThe museum was closed for about two years whilst the building underwent renovation.  For quite a while it was just a huge hole in the ground.  Nobody was very sure precisely what was going on but a modern building gradually went up and finally, in December 2014, the museum re-opened.  And finally, earlier this week, we got around to going to take a look at what had been done inside.

The ethnographic section appears to have gone, leaving it as a purely archaeological museum.  Not that this is necessarily a bad thing.  The oldest finds from the area are pre-6000 BC, there are bronze age items and, of course, plenty from the Greek and Roman eras.

The museum now contains displays arranged in chronological order which does make the progressions easy to understand.  The labeling still leaves something to be desired as it can be difficult to identify the items to which the labels should apply.  The rooms are darkened.  Quite honestly, it is a while since we last visited the museum, we visit a lot of museums and we didn’t think that it was all that different!

Which is not to say that it is unimpressive…


4 responses to “Ephesus Museum

  1. Are the peacocks still there? They seem to be a fixture in Aegean museums.

    • I can’t remember hearing peacocks there. Most of the outside has gone – there’s a small outside space with sarcophagi and no peacocks (though there is something that looks a bit like a duck pond). There certainly were no peacocks inside.

  2. . . so, not really worth a detour then? A sort of, happened to be passing sort of place!

    • Well, if you insist on peacocks, then it’s probably not worth a detour. The museum in Aydin is probably less visited and, honestly, I think it is better. Though Aydin doesn’t have peacocks either (it does have a shopping mall).

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