In the Freezer

After a couple of nights of freezing weather it has now warmed up.  Enough to tempt us away from the wood stove and to venture outside for anything other than getting more wood from  the wood store.

This is what the weather did.

The bougainvillia will recover and go mad in summer, the geraniums will be cut back and some should come through again.  The aloe is probably gone and are a few others.  The chillis are dead, kind of annoying because they were a non local varieties that do best in their second year.

Fortunately we moved the ficus into full shelter.


4 responses to “In the Freezer

  1. same here . . we lose a few each winter because of our location, but this time lots have been hammered.

    • The patio where most of those are is very sheltered and between the houses. In winter it is always a few degrees warmer than the roof terrace, so the damage came as a bit of a shock, especially since over our first winter here when we had snow, and there was ice more than an inch thick on the room terrace, nothing on the patio was harmed.

  2. I was away when this cold spell came, so didn’t have the chance to save my favourites. Keeping my fingers crossed that they pull through.

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