Istanbul Day 3 – The Harem

Topkapi10This is one place we had not been to before, mostly because every time we were in Topkapi the crowds were crazy and until 3 years or so ago entry was in fixed groups.  Now it is possible to just wander around and take as much time as wanted.  We managed to go fairly early in the morning, so there were very few others within the Harem.  by the time we left the Harem, Topkapi was filling up so we spend a bit of time wandering (we particularly enjoyed the exhibits in the old kitchens – some wonderful architecture and a picture of palace life) and then headed off to meet a friend for lunch by way of the Grand Bazaar.

Back to the Harem, it is hard to describe in words.  So instead a photographic gallery.

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4 responses to “Istanbul Day 3 – The Harem

  1. . . enjoyed this – has been a while since we were there.

  2. I haven’t been for a while too, but always love the colours.

  3. I loved your photo gallery. I am always glad when we bring a new-to-Istanbul friend to see this as I can revel in the luxury of the place again!

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