Istanbul Day 2 – Saints and Vikings

AgiaSofiagAfter the museum we wandered out through Gülbahce all the way down to the Spice bazaar where we quite surprised ourselves by not buying anything.  From there we crossed the Galata bridge and strolled around the back streets around Istiklal.  We got the tram back to Sultanahmet with the intention of visiting Aya Sofya Museum ahead of the Pope.  We have, of course, been before but felt it was time for a return visit.  Especially as there is restoration work going on inside and we saw different bits this time.

The place is a strange combination of Muslim and Christian religious art – very old and vAgiaSofiajery beautiful in its own way but, of particular interest to us was a small piece of 9th century Viking graffiti – written by a bored guard, according to the label…

Of course we took a lot of photographs, though with the crowds and the difficult lighting a lot of them did not come out as well as we hoped.




4 responses to “Istanbul Day 2 – Saints and Vikings

  1. knew about the Vikings but missed the runes.

  2. I remember being told about a Viking village in your neck of the woods.

    • Please let us now if you know where… I know there is iron age stuff around here but there is so much, layer upon layer, that it’s hard for us non-specialists to find.

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