Ataköy-Değirmendere Şelale Nature Walk


On Sunday we went walking with the Zirve club again.

We started out with breakfast in the village then headed out along forest roads.  The walk was easy – all forest roads, no scrambling or climbing and not very steep.  About 15 Km in total.

SelalewalkACIt is not every year that we get to see autumn colour here in Turkey.  On Sunday it was spectacular.  The oriental plane trees are blazing orange and the wild pears trees are bright yellow in the sunlight.  All this against a backdrop of pine trees and soft autumn light as we walked through the gorge.

The autumn flowers are blooming – we saw dandelions, cyclamen, crocii and daisies mostly.  Also a huge variety of mushrooms.

After the obligatory stop to cook sucuk over open fires, we turned around and SelalewalkAJwalked back.  Stopping off at Değirmendere Şelale, a beauty spot obviously popular with local people (several of whom were enjoying a picnic when our rather large group arrived).

Of course we took a lot of photos….





4 responses to “Ataköy-Değirmendere Şelale Nature Walk

  1. . . it really does look a treat this time of year and the smalls are wonderful!

  2. We don’t really have any autumn colour here. I miss it.

    • We had autumn colour a couple of days the first year we were here. None last year or the year before. This year there is definite colour on the oriental planes. Not so much on the poplars. There is some colour here in Istanbul (where we are for a couple of days). Nothing like the colour we used to see in the UK…

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