Goat Castle

Keci KalesiW

We have been living in Turkey now for just over three years and walking with Zirve Mountaineering club for quite a bit of that time.   On the Sunday that occurs in the same week as Republic Day (October 29th) there is a walk up to Keçi Kalesi (Goat Castle).   This is a walk we have always wanted to do but, for one reason or another, we’ve not been around to do it.  Sometimes we’ve been visiting the UK and once we needed some work done on the house that could only be done on that Sunday…

The castle sits on a peak above the village of Belevi.  You can see it quite clearly on the bus to Izmir.  The castle is Byzantine and the parts of it are quite recognisable although it has not been restored.  We knew there was a path up (also Byzantine), but we didn’t know where it started.   The path is steep in parts – from time to time it’s a bit of a scramble, but it’s really not a difficult walk.

We were lucky and, although it rained in Selçuk we stayed completely dry.  Probably because we were above the clouds!  The views from the castle are spectacular, even though we did not have the best visibility.  The fire was lit with great difficulty and the sucuk was cooked.  It’s not a long walk either – about two hours up and little more than an hour coming down.  So we were home well before dark.





6 responses to “Goat Castle

  1. . . castles and people in the air – I’ll settle for the the voyeuristic walk in this instance!

  2. A suitably spooky venue.

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