Some Birds

In the summer we bought a new camera, mostly for wildlife photos, since for scenery and other things the pocket digital cameras tend to do just fine.  Lifestyle restrictions meant an SLR was not really an option so we ended up with a Canon SX50HS.  The zoom is fantastic.  All the below were taken with the camera hand held, because again lifestyle makes a tripod not so realistic.

In no particular order.  Jackdaws in Selçuk being sociable and amusing.  A Carrion Crow.  A Rock Nuthatch from our recent trip to Nysa, we normally hear these before seeing them, against rocks they can be hard to spot.  Swan and Moorhen from Kew.  A London Parrot – otherwise known as a Ring Necked Parakeet or Rose Ringed Parakeet.  A Spotted Flycatcher from Aksu.  And Grebe, we have seen Grebe in many places, Kovada, Eğirdir, elsewhere, these were on the Thames in Oxfordshire.




4 responses to “Some Birds

  1. does the job very nicely!

    • We are happy with it. Though the point and click ‘pocket’ camera can be just as useful on occasion. Especially when the subject isn’t going to hang around long enough to get the big camera out of the bag.

  2. I took a double look at the parrot. Wondered where on earth in Selçuk it was perched. All clear now.

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