Selçuk Castle


Some years ago it used to be illuminated at night.  Then this stopped, apparently something to do with a dispute between the Belediye and the electric company.  Most holidays it gets decorated with huge banners of Ataturk.  Now it is illuminated again.  Recently a lot of work was done on restoring the walls and shoring up dangerous structures.  Through all of this the castle has been closed to visitors.  This has now changed, it is open.

It has actually been open for a month or so, but were were busy.  So recently, as we needed to renew our Muze Kart (easiest done at the entry gate to the Basilica which is also the entrance for the castle), we thought it time to visit.  We did not actually get new Muze Kart (another story for another time), but since we were there and the things had not quite expired we braved the tourists in the Basilica and went to the Castle.

It is interesting, an old mosque, a church converted to store water.  Some other buildings, and imposing walls.  Not all of the castle is open and it is not possible to access most of the walls – probably a good thing given how narrow the walkways are.  Well worth the visit.

Given we had to walk through the Basilica we took a few shots.  Some more restoration is being done, including quite a few new marble blocks.  We are not sure what the plan is, it seems to us to be more like reconstruction than restoration.  It got us talking, in our younger days we were taught that it should always be possible to distinguish between the old parts and the reconstructed, often by using concrete.  The model in Turkey seems to be more to restore or reconstruct to how the monument was.  We guess both are equally valid.  Anyway taste aside, some basilica photos (before the next stage of restoration) and a shot of Isa Bey Mosque and the Artemis Temple from the Castle gate.




3 responses to “Selçuk Castle

  1. . . obviously worth a stop-off next time we are passing. Nice photos with the new camera!

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