Çandır Kanyon


We tried to get to Çandır Kanyon last year but failed due to road works and road surfaces that were deep loose gravel in places and wet tar in others. So this year we thought we would try again. It all went well at first, up into the mountains from the Eğirdir to Antalya road, and then a few kilometres further – lo and behold, more roadworks. They did not look too bad, small amounts of gravel, mostly wet tar or wet tar with a thin layer of uncompacted roadstone. Who needs a road roller – leave the road a few days and the cars and trucks will do the job. Of course by the time we got to Çandır Kanyon the bike was covered in tar as were my clothes. Tar comes off the bike, so I was not worried, WD40 does the trick well enough and I have plenty. It is just time consuming and annoying.

So anyway. Çandır Kanyon or Yazli Park. Same place. It is hard to do the superlatives in text. So we shall leave it to the photographs with but one comment. The water is ice cold which was great for bathing a huge blister but I would not want to immerse myself in it.

8 responses to “Çandır Kanyon

  1. . . that does it – back up there asap! It had better not be full of tourists as a result of your posts!

  2. What a great find and fun exploring it all.

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