3 Nights in Palamutbükü


We decided it was time for a break from Selçuk so we took the bike down to Palamutbükü.  This is a small, seaside resort between Datça and Knidos.  We did not do a lot of sightseeing as there is not a lot in the immediate area to see and it is still rather too hot for strenuous walking.  The bay is lined with beaches backed by restaurants, cafes and pansiyons.  The vast majority of the people staying there were Turkish.  It is very much a family resort.

We walked just out of town in the Datça direction and found a beautiful beach complete with kitten.  We didn’t have it all to ourselves but it wasn’t crowded and the water was crystal clear.  We ended up buying yet another cheap snorkel and mask so that we could look at the fishes.  There were plenty of those, including some very colourful wrasse.

We got a taxi to Ovabükü, the next bay along on the way to Datça.  This was more expensive than expected (though not unreasonable) so we walked back.  It took us two hours and we got some spectacular views.

Palamutbükü is very popular and not the cheapest place in Turkey (certainly not in high season) but we ate well, slept well and stayed in a congenial pansiyon with a rather lovely garden.

A very relaxing three nights away from home and some truly wonderful riding both on the way there and on the way back.

6 responses to “3 Nights in Palamutbükü

  1. . . it’s a delightful area where J and I enjoy a few days ‘wintering’ away from home every now and again.

    • It is a lovely area and one we will return to. Slowly we are finding really nice places to go in August, when the main activity is to be in the sea.

      It is the furthest north and west we have seen Wrasse. Technically an invader from the Red Sea courtesy of Suez, but they seem to do well in the cooler waters. I am not sure how much further they have got, I have not seen any in the central or north Aegean.

  2. You have so many lovely places to visit and it’s great that you can just take yourselves off and enjoy them all. Brilliant enjoy it all why you can.

  3. Have bike – will travel! Travelling a lot for work has made me a “stay-at-home” when I’m in Turkey. I’m grateful for your blog showing me all the places I’m missing.

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