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Çandır Kanyon


We tried to get to Çandır Kanyon last year but failed due to road works and road surfaces that were deep loose gravel in places and wet tar in others. So this year we thought we would try again. It all went well at first, up into the mountains from the Eğirdir to Antalya road, and then a few kilometres further – lo and behold, more roadworks. They did not look too bad, small amounts of gravel, mostly wet tar or wet tar with a thin layer of uncompacted roadstone. Who needs a road roller – leave the road a few days and the cars and trucks will do the job. Of course by the time we got to Çandır Kanyon the bike was covered in tar as were my clothes. Tar comes off the bike, so I was not worried, WD40 does the trick well enough and I have plenty. It is just time consuming and annoying.

So anyway. Çandır Kanyon or Yazli Park. Same place. It is hard to do the superlatives in text. So we shall leave it to the photographs with but one comment. The water is ice cold which was great for bathing a huge blister but I would not want to immerse myself in it.

Zindan Cave and Kovada

Few tourists seem to get to Zindan Cave. It’s just out of Aksu, so not far from Eğirdir. zindan-cave-5We visited last year, the cave is fascinating. There is a restored Roman bridge nearby and it appears the cave has been used for various purposes for thousands of years.   So this year rather than repeating steps and going into the cave again we decided to explore the river valley heading upstream. It is a pretty easy walk, the river lined with trout farms most of which seem to offer fresh grilled trout.   It is a pretty valley, with paths to high meadows and some impressive wildlife not all of which we have managed to identify. We will go back and explore some more.

After this we went to Lake Kovada National Park. Like Zindan it is possible to get to Lake Kovada on public transport, the Aksu dolmus for Zindan and the Sütcüler dolmus for Kovada, but having our own transport made getting to both in one day a great deal easier. Lake Kovada is a very special place, stunningly beautiful and mostly well managed. Like last time we were there, despite the signs saying no hunting there was a certain amount of shooting taking place nearby but this time with police seeming to be attempting to put a stop to it. On a more positive note it was nice to see others enjoying the lake and national park, making use of the picnic spots and walking some of the trails.


3 Nights in Palamutbükü


We decided it was time for a break from Selçuk so we took the bike down to Palamutbükü.  This is a small, seaside resort between Datça and Knidos.  We did not do a lot of sightseeing as there is not a lot in the immediate area to see and it is still rather too hot for strenuous walking.  The bay is lined with beaches backed by restaurants, cafes and pansiyons.  The vast majority of the people staying there were Turkish.  It is very much a family resort.

We walked just out of town in the Datça direction and found a beautiful beach complete with kitten.  We didn’t have it all to ourselves but it wasn’t crowded and the water was crystal clear.  We ended up buying yet another cheap snorkel and mask so that we could look at the fishes.  There were plenty of those, including some very colourful wrasse.

We got a taxi to Ovabükü, the next bay along on the way to Datça.  This was more expensive than expected (though not unreasonable) so we walked back.  It took us two hours and we got some spectacular views.

Palamutbükü is very popular and not the cheapest place in Turkey (certainly not in high season) but we ate well, slept well and stayed in a congenial pansiyon with a rather lovely garden.

A very relaxing three nights away from home and some truly wonderful riding both on the way there and on the way back.

Photo of the Month, September 2014


Another month where it’s difficult to choose a single photo…

But then we got a new camera.