Daily Archives: August 20, 2014

A stroll along the Thames


We spent a weekend in Reading. Hilary was at University there, though the city has changed a lot since then (none of the same pubs appear to exist). We have quite a few friends there and another friend (currently living in Oxford) came to meet with us. So we had a pleasantly social Saturday, culminating in Doombar on the Thames and a good Indian meal.

On Sunday we found a greasy spoon type breakfast then took the train to Goring. From there we walked to Reading. Official distance (along the Thames path) is 13 miles but we tried to take a ‘shortcut’ which added a couple of miles onto the total (also we walked back to the hotel from the Thames Path).

We’d not walked all that section of the Path before, though we used to love to walk along the river at weekends when we were living in London.  On this occasion we caught part of an airshow, or some practice flights for an airshow.

It is a very pretty part of the country and we were quite surprised at the number of Grebes we saw. They were quite rare when we left the UK but do seem to be thriving. And, of course, we saw red kites. These were re-introduced near Marlow some years ago and are doing almost too well for their own good. Wonderful birds to watch!