Lake Kerkini


Our next stop was Lake Kerkini.  This is an artificial lake which, thanks to a number of EU grants, has been turned into a wildlife paradise.  Especially for bird watching.  We have a long list of all the species we saw!

The other side of those mountains you can see in the photo is Bulgaria.

We found a really lovely hotel and we ate there both nights.  There are wild buffalo and farmed buffalo around the lake and we ate buffalo and pasta for dinner.  Yes, we had the same both nights because it was so delicious.

We spent a whole day riding round the lake, parking up the bike and exploring the dykes (built to protect the villages and the fields) on foot.  And yes, we got a lot of photos.

The village itself is quite charming and has a huge number of storks.  A lot of it, sadly, was pretty shut.  Though, as a tourist destination it is open all the year round.  You can get there on a train from Thessaloniki and we may well do that in migration season.  It is a place we intend to visit again.



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