A brief visit to Pella


Pella was pretty well on the route between Kastoria and our next stop. It would have been a pity not to have gone (and we needed a break).  So we stopped off and took some photographs.  There is a booth and a small charge to get in.  There is also a museum but we didn’t visit that.

Not sure whether it was the heat (and being a bit worried about stuff we had left on the bike) but it was not the most atmospheric of sites.  Maybe because of the very agricultural surroundings.   Though it has, of course, been an agricultural centre for a very, very long time.

The mosaics, though faded, are impressive.  There was work going on the site when we visited.  It would be interesting to go back for a longer visit.


2 responses to “A brief visit to Pella

  1. You are like me, can’t drive past an archaeological site, even the most unpromising.

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