Breakdown in Kos


Last week, we took a trip to Kos.  The main purpose of the trip was to have lunch with some friends who are there on holiday but, as it is rather a long way to go just for lunch, we decided to stay three nights.

On this occasion we didn’t take the bike – we got the bus to Bodrum then the catamaran.  Our hotel was in Lambi – tucked out of the way, about 20 minutes walk from the hustle and bustle of Kos town.

Kos is very different from the other islands we have visited.  There is some agriculture but it seems to survive pretty well on the tourist industry. Lambi itself was full of people, mostly from the low countries, enjoying the beaches, the bars, restaurants and, of course, the World Cup.  The coastal area is very flat compared to much of the coast of Turkey and most tourists seemed to be happiest getting around on bicycles.  There were cycle lanes everywhere (to the extent that it was difficult to find a safe place to walk).  Every second establishment seemed to be hiring out bicycles, motor scooters and…. Quad Bikes.

KosBAshley finds it hard to resist Quad Bikes so we did a bit of research on Saturday night and went to pick up our chosen vehicle on Sunday morning after breakfast…

Off we went to get some petrol.  The petrol went into the tank.  The petrol came out of the tank through the broken fuel line and made puddles on the forecourt… quad-draining-petrol We pointed this out to the chap in the petrol station who kindly phoned the hire shop for us.  Petrol was carefully decanted into some buckets and… well, he couldn’t fix it quickly so he went back to the shop and came back on an upgraded Quad Bike.  He siphoned in most of the petrol we had already purchased and….. off we went!

KosHWe started out at the Asclepion which is spectacular then off into the mountains where we found an excellent restaurant (it’s called Kefalovrissi, it’s new, the chef has worked in Australia and Switzerland and knows how to source the best local ingredients – seriously the best feta we have ever tasted) near Zia in which to have lunch.  Then we drove round the rest of the island.



6 responses to “Breakdown in Kos

  1. You do get about? Is it cheaper to hire than to take your bike to Kos?

    • Probably. It would have been petrol to Bodrum and back (possibly less than the bus fares) plus the ferry (and the ferry we were on did not have vehicular space).
      We’re off again soon – to Greece and Bulgaria! Taking the bike.

  2. four wheels good; two wheels better!

  3. Snap! I just got back from Kos. 4 days in Lambi – we were neighbours. But I lacked mobility and regretted paying for taxis to everywhere. I visited Asclepion ( big pile of stones ). Found some nice places to eat in Old Town but missed your find. Zia is on my bucket list for next time.

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