Fabric Mosaics










Pretty well as soon as we got home from Greece came the opening of the Patchwork Exhibition at the Belediye Museum, known rather grandly as the Selçuk Efes Collective Memory Centre.  It is, in fact, a gloriously restored old stone building on three levels.  Certainly worth a visit!

Anyway, the opening was very successful.  We’re not sure how many people came along, but it was certainly more than 100.  We were greeted and congratulated by the Deputy Mayor and received a great many compliments.

Hilary is one of four women who have been involved in this.  She’s the one who has only been doing patchwork for a year so her technique is deficient and she only has three finished pieces to show (plus one work-in-progress which she will continue to stitch during her sessions ‘on duty’ at the museum).

Some of these photos were taken by our friends Şükriye and Annette.



6 responses to “Fabric Mosaics

  1. Annette newton

    Will worth the visit!! So much hard work and it was in such a nice setting.

  2. Splendid stuff! Janet’s oldest friend in UK is a quilter of many years experience and as a result I’ve seen some pretty wonderful examples. Keep it up Hilary!

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