These are all from our trip to Lesvos, from the area around Skala Kaloni.   We had hoped to go into the mountains and look for eagles but the weather was really unsettled so the chances of spotting raptors in rain and cloud were minimal.  Instead we stayed at sea level, put on rain gear and trudged around the wetlands.

We were rewarded with flamingos, terns hunting the river, avocet, black winged stilt, black stork, jays, black headed buntings, nesting crested larks, all of which minus the terns we got photos of.

These were taken on a Sony and a Nikon pocket digicam, so no special kit.  I keep thinking about a digital SLR but then I’d want lenses and gear and more stuff.  Would be fun packing such kit onto the bike, so probably not a good option.

4 responses to “Birding

  1. good stuff guys!

  2. You seem to be doing very well with the machines you have. I passed birdwatchers last week that needed a mini bus to transport their equipment!

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