From the Lesvos trip.  These are from the wetlands near Skala Kaloni.  Black Stork, Blackwinged Stilt and Avocet.  We got really lucky with some of these shots.  There are more photos to come, this selection is also about messing with photoshop and trying to catch reflections on the water.  They might have been better if the sun was shining, cannot have everything I suppose.

It also got us thinking about what could be done with the wetlands around here, sadly not so well protected and the river polluted with agricultural and industrial waste.  At times there is talk of cleaning it up, maybe some day it will happen.  It is still possible to see Stilts, Egrets, Herons, White Storks, and the Marsh Harriers, but so much more could be done.   Reflections of a different kind.


4 responses to “Reflections

  1. . . having a government here in Turkey that showed the slightest interest in the environment other than as a commodity to be exploited would be nice! Love your ‘reflections’.

    • I think they do have a bit more of a clue your way. In Muğla there are more signs by the roads trying to discourage rubbish being thrown out of car windows. Some effort has been made to protect the lands around Dalyan, including Kaunos and the turtle beach. Then again I was reading about the stork death toll from powerlines above the Gulf of Gokova.

      The wetlands all along the coast are so important for bird migrations, we have seen flamingos at Pamucak, missed the pelicans (sadly) and we regularly catch sight of other migrants. With a little vision and the will to clean up the river so much more could be done with Pamucak, which unlike some nearby wetlands has not been given over to mass production of cotton. It could become a really good ecological resource and part of what would be a far more sustainable model of tourism than forever trying to devise ways to cram more tourists into Ephesus.

      • Dalyan area is almost a lost cause with the odd victory (maybe) like stopping the expanded turtle hospital/research centre. See also that the pollution at Bafa Lake (you wrote recently) has reached extinction levels. When the Environmant Ministry was taken under the power of the Tourism and Urban Development minister the writing was on the wall!

  2. Putting Tourism in charge of the Environment and Antiquities was probably not a good idea.

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