The rest of Akyaka

We should write about the rest of what we did in Akyaka before we take off on our next road trip or get completely absorbed in our latest projects…  And anyway, some photos to share.


The first whole day we were there we went for a walk.  We just headed along the coast, taking the high road there and the low road back.  Hilary’s ankle is now a decorated-teagreat deal better and she was able to keep up (more or less), though we did stop for a couple of breaks at a beachside restaurant with wonderful views.  They served us decorated çay.  Later we had decorated orange juice and, on the way back, decorated coffee.

The weather was overcast – not too cold and not too warm.  Ideal, in fact, for walking.  We walked about five hours in total.

The next day, before ouGeyik-Kanyon-bee-roadr adventures with motorcycle electrics, we headed towards Geyik Kanyonu.  We found the carpark and we definitely found a bee road…  The views were quite spectacular and we saw a couple of raptors though we didn’t manage to identify them.  We headed out towards Kaunos but, as we mentioned in our last post, we didn’t quite get there.  It was interesting to be riding the Harley along the same road as we explored on somewhat rickety bicycles a couple of years ago.




4 responses to “The rest of Akyaka

  1. nice to have you down near our part of the world – perhaps we could meet up for a beer or three next time.

    • Indeed! We shall certainly be back.
      Our plans for the next month or so, though, are taking us in the opposite direction. We are planning Lesvos, Bulgaria and, I think, some of Northern Greece. Oh, and possibly meeting friends holidaying on Kos.

  2. I love Akyaka, even though i only ever went through it on the way to Dalaman airport.

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