Akyaka – our second road trip of 2014


We do feel kind of guilty posting about our travels and not about the terrible mining disaster in Soma.

Our decision to ride to Akyaka was rather a last minute thing.  We just wanted to get away and Booking dot com revealed that there were some good deals available in Akyaka.  Not the cheapest of resorts, but, as we said, we got a good price.  The ride there was uneventful.  It’s odd how you get used to distances.  This country is just big so going somewhere just the other side of the Saker pass didn’t feel like very far.

balcony-view-AkyakaOur hotel was wonderful.  Two star, but definitely upmarket from the kind of place to which we have become accustomed.   We had a TV, a fridge and a balcony with a wonderful view.  The staff were friendly and the breakfast was almost certainly the best hotel breakfast we have ever enjoyed in Turkey.  A plateful of little dishes containing various kinds of olives, capers, three different preserves (in perfectly clear syrup), sauces and so on.  A plate with tomatoes, cucumbers, cheeses and an omelet and eggy bread and ordinary bread on the side.  And, of course, plentiful çay.  On the second day we were there in rained, very minimally, whilst we were out walking.  The hotel staff found a tarpaulin to cover the bike.

Akyaka itself is wonderfully pretty.  Pretty little white houses and a river that Birdwatching-in-Akyakaflows into a bay.  The beach is full of bars and restaurants and is a blue flag affair.  Very popular, it seemed though, to be honest, from our point of view it is not yet beach weather.  We spent our days out walking or riding and our evenings birdwatching by the river.  We don’t have the kind of camera that gets good views of birds but we watched swallows, martins, geese, a hoopoe and a whole flock of what were almost certainly bee eaters.  We thought they were rollers at the time but, on reflection, bee-eaters seem more likely.





4 responses to “Akyaka – our second road trip of 2014

  1. we enjoy Akyaka often – look out for otters along the river

    • We didn’t see otters, but we were only there two days. We guess, for you, it’s within daytrip distance. We’ll definitely go back, if we can get another cheap deal (preferably at the same hotel).

  2. Sound’s wonderful good for you make the most of what ever you can when you can.

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