Teos-Dionysus-TempleThis past week or so the weather has been uncertain – mostly pleasant but with occasional thunderstorms.  We’ve stayed at home and Ashley has painted large portions of the front house.  The soba does make annual redecoration desirable, if not necessary.

The week before, however, was lovely and we got out and about several times.  We went to Teos last year but  either we didn’t blog about it or we failed to find the entry…  And we went back last Thursday.  They are still building a very large visitor centre.  Not sure what they intend to do with it.  The site is fascinating and close enough to Izmir to attract attention, but it’s also rather large – it took us nearly 3 hours to walk round and we didn’t get up to the Acropolis, nor did we find the harbour.  The visible ruins are scattered but walkways are being built which makes things more accessible.  Also there are a number of information boards about the abundant wildlife, so it looks as if it’s going to be pushed as a natural park as well as an archaeological site.



8 responses to “Teos

  1. Annette newton

    As always beautiful .

  2. It’s been thunderstorms and localised flooding in Mersin the last few days. But that’s ok, the farms needed it. Not long now until I will be complaining about the heat.

    • We confess that we wrote that last week! We’ve had grey skies and some drops of rain, but no big storms recently. Selcuk quite often stays dry although it’s flooding in the hills – our storms are very localised.
      The farms very definitely need some rain. I’m not sure if it can make up for such a dry winter.

  3. good to be back home and able to access your posts – as ever, interesting places and pics.

  4. As my husband is called Teo, we always feel we should travel with an apostrophe when we visit this site.

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