At Notion the land has healed

Notion-theatre-April-14It was raining much of last week but the week before was largely glorious and, on Monday, we returned to Notion with friends.  The trenches from digging that we saw back in January had healed over and we did see some salep orchids growing.  Probably there would have been more if they hadn’t been dug up.  There were huge quantities of wild thyme and oreganon and  a large variety of grasshoppers.

Later we went for lunch at Ozdere followed by a visit to Claros on the way home.  A great day out in good company and wonderful sunshine.


6 responses to “At Notion the land has healed

  1. Annette newton

    Yes it was a great day,we enjoyed it so much,we enjoyed your company as well ,hope you are both well,it won’t be long to our next visit,so we will see you soon..

  2. Lush, very green, makes the landscape look so much softer. Where is Notion? Beautiful orchids, so delicate- hard to spot I imagine.

    • Notion used to be the port for Claros. There was a sacred way between the two. Notion is very near the village of Ahmetbeyli where we like to go swimming in summer.

  3. Another site I haven’t seen. I was a bit upset on Sunday to find nearly all the salep orchids in our garden dug up. Someone had systematically gone through the whole garden digging up the bulbs and abandoning the flower heads. Doubt I’ll see many next year.

    • If someone dug up my garden I’d be livid! Mind you, that would be if I had a garden! As things are we only have to worry about cats in our pots. I get upset enough about people digging orchids up in the wild. Can you train Jake to deter orchid thieves?

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