The olive oil museum and Değrimen restaurant

collected-pressesLast week, in the course of a shopping trip arranged for us by a friend with a car,  we were treated to a visit to the olive oil museum which is in the grounds of the Değrımen at Davutlar.  The restaurant itself has an excellent reputation – somewhere to try on a special occasion.  There is also a small tea garden on the lake where we sat and watched the swans and listened to the geese for a while.  There is a children’s zoo with opportunities to pet various animals and they also do pony rides.  So it would be an excellent place to visit with children.

What interested us, though, was the museum, which shows the production of olive oil from Roman times through to modern days.  There are dioramas of Roman’s crushing olives and extracting oil.  There is a wonderful collection of old wooden olive presses.  Clearly assembled as a labour of love.  Each one slightly different.  And then there were the steam presses (sadly not working when we visited but still…..steam).

There is also a shop which sells organic produce.  The bread, we can assure you, is delicious!

4 responses to “The olive oil museum and Değrimen restaurant

  1. I must visit. An olive museum in Mumcular was on the manifesto of the successful candidate in this year’s elections, so I hope we get one too.

    • This was a private collection so it’s really good that anyone can walk around it (though there is an entrance fee). Some of the dioramas are a little creepy (one of the dummies in the Roman Bath scene looks at lot like Tyrion from Game of Thrones).

  2. Looks interesting- agree about dummies. There’s a fully restored ancient olive press in Urla; estimated to date bavk to The ancient Greek city of Klazomenai

    • There are bits of history dotted about all over the place. I think the methods of getting oil from olives have remained remarkably constant down the centuries.

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