Knidos revisited

Knidos-theatreWe visited Knidos last year and posted about it here.  This year we went back, on the bike.  The road from Datça to Knidos is steep and twisty with lots of potholes.  The views from the pillion were, however, spectacular.

Knidos is beautifully situated.  We started our visit by purchasing a mouse mat in the official shop and eating a mixed toast each in the cafe.  We then strolled around the site, quite slowly, due to Hilary still limping a bit.  The flowers were amazing – everywhere and we saw grasshoppers and lizards.


6 responses to “Knidos revisited

  1. I think there’s a lion fron Knidos in the British Museum. The pictures show the harbour off at its best.

    • I can’t recall the lion, but half of Xanthos is definitely in the British Museum. Possibly the largest repository of stolen art treasures in the world.

  2. Lovely flowers! (incidentally, I think that morning glory and bindweed are both convulvulussusussususu help!!!)

  3. I’ve seen the lion from Knidos. I wish I could have been part of Iris Love’s excavations on Knidos. I’ve heard from those that were there that work stopped regularly for water skiing.

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