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First Roadtrip 2014

Roadtrip-April-2014Our first roadtrip this year was to Datça. We were previously there last May – the intention had been to go on the bike but, in the event it wouldn’t start and we ended up hastily repacking to go on the bus. We had a great time there last year and were determined to go again, to do some exploration on two wheels.
The trip down was uneventful. Well, much of the scenery was spectacular and it did get cold around Muğla. The bike, however, behaved perfectly and we made good time.
beyaz-konak-situationWe’d booked into a self catering apartment which proved to be rather difficult to find though we later noticed that the block could clearly be seen from pretty well everywhere in town. The view from the balcony was wonderful and, although there was some building noise and the electricity in the area was unreliable (probably due to the building work), we were happy with our choice.  There were quite a lot of steps down to the main part of town, the last of which had been rainbowed…rainbow-steps-in-Datcha
Just after we booked, but before we left home, we heard that the Polis had imposed a ban on drinking on the street in Datça.  This seems to have been variably enforced.  In our favourite bar (the Sunrise, where they play our kind of music) there was no alcohol on the street.  We sat just inside to enjoy our evening beers.  There was, however, no problem enjoying a beer on the beach…