Daily Archives: March 27, 2014


stadium-from-backThere had been a vague sort of plan to drop into the stadium at Magnesia on Sunday but it was dark by the time we got back there.  So, on Monday, we struck out to Magnesia on the bike.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, warm with bright sunshine and Magnesia is a favourite location.  We’d been told that there had been quite a lot more excavation done on the stadium and that was, indeed the case.  A lot more of the seating has been uncovered and what has been uncovered is incredibly intact.

And-agamaWe were rather hoping to see some orchids but it may still be early for them here in Izmir.  We did see a great deal of camomile, asphodel and blossom.  And, in the gymnasium, there were a whole load of lizards.  Different ones.  Hilary saw a flattish looking dark coloured lizard with very bright yellow spots.  It looked very much like a Turkish Salamander (Salamandra infraimmaculata orientalis) but they are not supposed to live round here.  We can’t find anything else even vaguely like it in the books.  Perhaps it was a released pet.  We did get photos of some of the lizards.  And, in one, you can see an Agama which ran into the photograph just as Hilary pressed the shutter!