The Spring has Sprung

One last post from our walking up the mountain experience.  The flowers up there were different – more alpine.  And we did get some decent photos.

Meanwhile, it has rained every day in March so far.  But we’ve seen storks on the aqueduct.  Fortunately the first stork we saw this year was flying.  It’s a local superstition – if the first stork you see in the year is flying, then you will travel.  If it’s sitting I guess you’re in for a dose of cabin fever come summer.

7 responses to “The Spring has Sprung

  1. . . really nice that Spring is here – smiley time!

  2. I haven’t seen a stork yet, but there were beautiful flag iris beside the road today.

  3. I’m looking forward to a photo of a stork in its classical position; on chimney. Flowers lift the spirits.

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