After we climbed the mountain…

Golcuk-1After we climbed the mountain last Sunday (and, of course, after a break for lunch and the purchase of village produce), we got back into our minibuses and coaches and drove on.  We were obviously not heading back the way we came.  The road ran along a ridge with steep drops (and spectacular views) on either side.  We were able to watch a buzzard hunting.  Our outing was clearly not over as we stopped for half an hour in Gölçük to take photos and buy more vıllage produce.

Golcuk-2We were both rather taken wıth Gölçük.  It’s a pretty little town on a lake, clearly laid out for local tourists (rather like Ahmetbeyli, our favourite beach).  There were some hotels and pensions, a few restaurants and a whole line of stalls selling village produce.  We will be returning to Gölçük – it looks like an ideal gettaway for a few days in the heat of summer.  It has enough altitude to be noticeably cooler.

After Gölçük we stopped in Bergi where we completely failed to take in the Tea-at-Birgifamous tourist sites.  We did not manage to locate the famous Çakırağa Mansion. Instead we bought village produce and drank coffee with an excellent view of the famous Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey Mosque.  We’ll just have to go back and look at those places properly!

7 responses to “After we climbed the mountain…

  1. Birgi and Golcuk are a couple of our favourite bolt-holes. Must have been market day by the lake as generally the stalls are devoid of life. In summer there are plenty of visiting Turks who buy fishing gear and bait from the stalls and try to catch the carp and cat fish. The old looking hotel nearby is a great deal for half board – they have a heated indoor pool as well. The ‘painted konak’ is easy to find – stand facing the main door and then take the road down to the right. The house is a couple of hundred yards down on the right. The mosque is worth a visit and the imam is a great guy who puts his cep number by the door so you can call him. There are some amazing things to be seen inside, here’s some links to posts on Archers:

  2. After both your and Alan’s recommendations, how could we not go.

  3. Good crops of walnuts usually as you come in from the mountain road. Beautiful pictures, with wonderful sense of space and nature.; inspires me.

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