Çamlık Railway Museum


A few miles from home and we go past it frequently so it is a bit remiss of us that we have not covered this before (although we have visited).  The museum is easy to get to from Selçuk or Kuşadası and on the railway line between Izmir and Aydin.  It is privately run, so Muze kart not accepted, but at 5TL entry is not expensive.

Steam2The museum has a fascinating collection of steam locomotives, many from Germany, but also examples from England, Germany, USA and Czechoslovakia.  Sadly some of the locos could do with a new lick of paint, but on a positive note many can can be climbed into.   There is also a workshop equipped with period tools, Steam8cart, carriages and a great deal more, all presented in a well maintained environment.  The interior of the carriage used by Attaturk is particularly fascinating and very well presented, complete with kitchen, bath, wardroom, and cabins.

Across the road outside of the museum are remains of old railway buildings including the old station.  The track has more recently been moved a few hundred yards to the south.


4 responses to “Çamlık Railway Museum

  1. I’m so glad this is still open – I’m sure the last time I tried to visit ( maybe 15 years ago or more )- I found it closed

  2. . . it is a little gem – although the way the engines just sit and moulder is rather sad. Then again, comparing it to York is silly – I should think of it like Rimmel – ‘Beauty on a Budget’!

    • It’s always worth a visit – and the garden is so beautifully kept. The engines were in noticeably worse condition than they were last time we visited. Which was sad.

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