Boz Dağ – Not much snow or rain to speak of


On Sunday we went walking with Zirve Mountaineering club.  This time we actually climbed a mountain.

It was an early start to get to the centre of town by seven a.m.  There was one mini bus for us plus two Belediye buses full of students from the THK University.  It was nearly 09:00 by the time we got to Boz Dağ – a ski-ing centre – but there was no snow in the village and not a lot on the mountain.  After breakfast and much çay, we set off.

As usual, we took a very steep (and slightly slippery) short cut en route to the top.  Some people decided to wait just above the tree line whilst we and others made the push for the peak.  We walked almost all the way up.  It was hard going but well worth it for the views!  Ski-slopesWe didn’t quite get to what there was of a snow line, not that there was much snow anyway.  Maybe we would have gone all the way to the peak, but there were signs of the weather starting to turn less pleasant.  There was some disappointment but it was a wonderful day out, and in our view snow is something best confined to photographs and postcards.

The day wasn’t over either.  After a very late lunch back in the village (lunch that included chips fried over a fire in an oil drum), we set off on a tour of some of the local beauty spots.  But that, along with pictures of the alpine blooms, is for another post.

We were very lucky with the weather.  Thundery showers were predicted but it weather-closing-instayed clear all the time we were on the mountain.  By the time we left Boz Dağ the clouds were rolling in.  The rain, however, held off until quite late at night, when we were safely home and eating dinner.  There wasn’t much of it even then.


2 responses to “Boz Dağ – Not much snow or rain to speak of

  1. I’ve been there in the snow before the ski resort opened and I loved it – we drove up most of the way though!

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