Silver Mountain in the Grey


Yesterday we went walking with Zirve.  After a wonderfully sunny week, the weather was not great, overcast and raining at times so the climb up to the high meadows of Silver Mountain was not as much fun as it could be and the views of Firestartermist as we hit cloud level not what we were hoping for.  We stopped by the meadows for an extended lunch break whilst a smaller group went for the mountain summit.  Lunch was extended because the summit party got delayed as they needed to wait out some of the rain.  Despite the near incessant rain at this time we managed to get a fire going, impressive with no dry wood or Firekindling and only a few sheets of dry paper and tissues, a small bottle of an alcohol based perfume, and a couple of plastic bottles – the plastic was at least dry.  It took a while but eventually we had a roaring fire in the rain which we kept fed with an ample supply of very wet wood.  Smoky but effective.   By the time the climbing party got back the weather was starting to improve so we had a far more pleasant descent.


8 responses to “Silver Mountain in the Grey

  1. Is Zirve a walking group in Selcuk? You go on some great walks – light looks lovely in the small picture.

    • Yes a local walking group, though walking is far from all they do. The full name is Zirve Dağcılık ve Doğa Spor Kulubu which translates as Zırve (peak) Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club. They have branches in many towns and cities.

  2. . . plastic bottles! plastic bottles! Burning them is no worse than putting them in the rubbish because there are very few places that actually recycle the stuff around the world – it all ends up in landfills or the sea. A group that enjoys being out in ‘the nature’ should be discouraging plastic in favour of reusables. Nice photos again!

    • Plastic bottles they found nearby, so at least these bottles are no longer polluting the ground. It did along with the wet wood make for what was initially a very smelly and smoky fire. When the fire was going to the point being able to throw a few huge saturated logs on it and other large parts of chopped tree that were lying around it was far more pleasant. And of course not a chance of a forest fire…… Though it was fully damped down before we left.

  3. I’m very impressed at your walks – You must be super fit by now.

    • Well…. We did very little during January and now the weather is improving and the flowers are coming out… Also we are getting to know the people we walk with better and this is very good for our language skills.

  4. We’ve not been for a good walk for ages! Nice to see the spring flowers coming out in your neck of the woods, too. 🙂

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