Dikkat Köpek var

Sirince-Feb-14On Thursday we went walking from Çamlık to Şirince.  A walk we do not think we’ve done since winter solstice in 2012 when Şirince was supposed to be one of two places in the world to survive the apocalypse predicted for that day.  It is a really good walk – about four hours along forest roads.  On Thursday we saw a great many wild flowers, also at least three species of raptor, along with the usual tits and finches in large numbers.  Blackbirds, robins, thrushes of various varieties.

At one point, as we passed a farm where the dogs always bark at us, our route our-path-is-blockedwas blocked.  At least one of the dogs was loose and it came towards us in a threatening manner.  This was a large kangal type dog and it was apparent that it did not want to let us pass.  We retraced our steps and found a sign…  It translates to ‘beware of the dog, this is not a road, it’s land that belongs to someone’.  Now, we have no idea whether that land (part of what we believed to be a forest road) actually does belong to someone but, deciding that discretion was the better part of valour we managed to find a way around the farm with the fierce, loose dog.  We went through a small village (with no mains electricity but generators, mobile phones and solar arrays) then turned back towards the path.

forest-roadWe were not sure, at first, that we’d got back onto the right forest road (they all look pretty much the same), but it turned out that we had and we wound up in Şirince in good time to do a bit of shopping and catch the dolmuş home.

Şirince was incredibly crowded for a Thursday in February.  Partly locals, partly the normal handful of travellers and partly, we think, a cruise ship.  Our usual wine vendor was closed for refurbishment so we went to another place where, after we mentioned we lived in Şelcuk we picked up a couple of bottles of wine at ‘locals’ prices.


4 responses to “Dikkat Köpek var

  1. . . perfect time for walking with all the flowers about.

  2. Kangals are always a worry on a walk. We met a couple last week who came belting towards us barking and growling. You probably remember that Jake isn’t much of a macho dog, but these great , spike collared guard dogs took one look at our pampered pooch and ran off squealing. Result!

    • Good for Jake.

      It is kind of irksome when a forest road is no longer a road but private property guarded by loose dogs. Probably more annoying for the farmers who may rely on it.

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