Flowers in Notion – January

The flowers deserve a post to themselves:


8 responses to “Flowers in Notion – January

  1. Gagea villosa – Sternbergia are an altogether more robust plant; the Romulea is tempskyana – the very common ‘Sand Crocus’ although not a crocus – linaresii is more blue and the perianth tube is short unlike these tempskyanas.

  2. How lovely! Is spring round the corner? We haven’t had winter yet … how do you make yr pics round??
    Hope you are both well and enjoying life!

    • We had some cold weeks in December and it has rained most of today…
      The round gallery is a feature in WordPress. You can pick it when you create a gallery (there’s lots of options there, some of them great, some of them I don’t think we’d want to use). We’re both fine, and the rain, though not enjoyable, is doubtless good for the fields and the flowers.

  3. I love January flowers – Spring feels so close.

  4. Looks like spring is on it’s wayf or you.

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