Camel Wrestling – Fun in the Sun

Last year it was cold, the ground muddy.  I remember my feet getting freezing cold, but at least it was not raining.  This year Selçuk Camel Wrestling Festival took place in glorious warm sunshine, unseasonably warm perhaps but we are not complaining and neither were the large crowds out for having a good time.  A good time seemed to include drinking vast amounts of rakı, outdoor cooking, gambling, dancing and music.  It was all very loud, colourful, entertaining, chaotic, good natured, and great fun.

It is almost impossible to convey the sights, sounds and smells of camel wrestling in words.  The cheering is very loud, the music louder, the commentary often barely audible.  The smells of camels, barbeques (both commercial and personal), rakı and people packed tightly together.


10 responses to “Camel Wrestling – Fun in the Sun

  1. Colourful entertainment……..

  2. . . J and I love these events, especially those away from touristic areas, and usually manage to fit in a couple each year. The smells, sights and sounds are a feast for the senses.

  3. I didn’t even know camel wrestling was a thing. WOW.

    • Well there were women and children present, but…… It is about the strength of male camels. And human males cooking, eating, gambling, dancing and drinking rakı.

  4. You can hear the cheers and smell those sausages from here!

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